Comic 127 - Willem 125

27th Oct 2014, 9:53 AM in Chapter 7
Willem 125
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Jaymzeecat 27th Oct 2014, 9:53 AM edit delete
Willem, you've been busted impersonating a cat, haha.

I got the first fifteen pages of Willem 'remastered' last night in the event that I can make the Willem book a reality. So far here are the ideas I have for the book/Kickstarter (if I go that route):

-Book sketches.
-Chapter Header pages with brand new art (there will likely be 5 or 6).
-Adding gutters to pages without them, updating the text to match how it looks now, cleaning up line art, fixing inconsistencies, cleaning up the language (a little, not entirely).
-Extras such as sketches, drawings and Q's & A's.
-An all new 10 page prologue to the series is a possibility.

As for rewards if I run another Kickstarter campaign: stickers, post cards, prints, posters, original art. I may offer a companion comic: an inked black and white printed version of my 24 Hour comic about Amber's dad; Dying Man as a stretch goal. I am open to suggestions, so if you have ideas, pass them along! Thanks everyone. :)

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